Ruediger Schoenbohm, M.E.E.

Welcome to TYSCON!

Sounds familiar?

  • Everyone talks about digital transformation - but how do you approach it?
  • Internal social networks - do we really need an internal Facebook?
  • Many parallel prio A change initiatives!
  • Sophisticated business processes - but still somehow too slow...
  • The next reorganization - but not much changes…
  • New knowledge - how to get it distributed and the staff enabled?
  • Agile? Now everywhere? Or doesn't that affect me at all?

If you are facing similar concerns, we should talk to each other ...

Our offer

We offer comprehensive services in

  • Consulting - from concept to implementation
  • Coaching - for leadership, associates and teams
  • Qualification & training - for functional groups and units
  • Implementation support und process consulting - for all kinds of changes

resulting from the digital and agile transformation.

Networked and lean, with access to proven professionals from a variety of disciplines and expertise, we help you meet the multiple challenges of further developing your organization.

No matter where you are standing right now. 

TYSCON is partner of the European consulting & coaching network EUTAS.