Project Management

How to organize a change project?

Traditionally, change topics are very often organized and managed in separate project teams that exist in parallel to or somewhat separate from the operational line organization. Having management support throughout all project phases this may still work well.

However, the digital and agile transformations are very special and heavyweight change matters. Why?

Tackling these challenges sustainably means potentially changing much of an organization fundamentally. Affected stakeholders may range from IT to Sales & Marketing, from HR and Procurement to groups responsible for compliance and the business processes. They all must support the desired further development of the organization and actively drive forward in the same direction. Without a guiding coalition this is nearly impossible.

Therefore, a virtual project structure that is not set up parallel to the line, but rather organized as an overarching, interdisciplinary network within the line, is the better alternative. Since every organization has to work out and learn its own specific path into the digital and agile future, an agile, iterative change approach - e.g. based on SCRUM - is highly recommended.

TYSCON supports in designing and setting up appropriate organizational development projects, depending on the requirements of the task. Also, a direct active participation is possible, e.g. via interim management assignments.