Why is the organization so important?

The organizational and operational (process) structures are essential for the functioning of any company. They should always be optimally designed for the existing and future business requirements. 

Existing organizational setups however are often the result of an rather evolutionary growth process, especially in companies that have been successful for a long time. Initiatives to further develop the organization typically focus only on certain aspects, such as the tool landscape or the organizational structure. In doing so it is unintentionally being ignored that fundamental links and correlations exist between processes, structures, roles, responsibilities and tools.

In digital and agile transformations which often imply disruptive and radical changes, new competitors and business models, this approach can cause major problems. Should an organization realize (too) late that it is actually still not able to cope with the desired business challenges because neither processes nor regulations, interfaces or division of labor really fit, the required change may become too complex and huge to be properly managed without risking the existing business. 

TYSCON works with you to develop (hybrid) organizational architectures that can do both: deliver fast results in a customer-centric manner for volatile environments, and run efficient standard processes in established, slow moving markets. Such concepts have proven successful several times.