Organization Consulting

Why is the organizational setup so important?

The organizational structure and its related business processes are fundamental to the functioning of each company. According to the maxim form follows function, an organization should always be optimally positioned for the existing and, ideally, the future business.

However, often organizations - especially those that have been successful for a long time - are the result of a long-term, "natural" growth process. Existing structures and processes have evolved evolutionarily over a long time and mostly this has worked quite well. Of course, every company sees from time to time minor organizational modifications here and there. Usually, these are initiated by the management or some functional groups to meet some specific objectives. 

Often, however, these organizational developments are not holistic, but focus only on a particular aspect of the business. Rarely is an organization developed further as an entire system. However, the digital transformation with its sometimes disruptive and radical changes, new competitors and business models can cause problems with this approach. At the latest, when one realizes that the organization is unable to actually operate in the desired business model, because neither processes, nor regulations, interfaces and division of labor really fit, the shift in change can become too great to remain competitive. There are many examples to this.

Hence, TYSCON develops together with you hybrid organizational models that can do both: deliver results in an agile and customer-centered manner in both innovative and volatile environments, and implement standard processes in highly efficient and process-focused manner in established operations. Many of these concepts have already been successfully tested and validated several times.