Business Processes

Business Process Management and/or Innovation?

Business processes are the foundation of every organization. They define and rule how the work in a company is done. Classic Business Process Management (BPM) deals with the optimization of existing processes, mostly driven by an ever increasing cost and competitive pressure. This will certainly remain so in the future.

Digital networking makes it possible to design workflows differently. May it be internal cross-organization collaboration in communities, the use of crowd concepts in idea and innovation management, customer engagement in the value chain, e-business processes, or the continuous analysis of customer feedback through data mining. It is not only about "more of the same", but above all about "doing things differently".

TYSCON helps to identify and improve work processes with a focus on internal, cross-departmental collaboration using Enterprise Collaboration Networks (ESN / ECN). There are considerable efficiency and effectiveness potentials here. The more complex and dispersed a company is structured, the greater are the opportunities for optimization.